The Introduction

What is happening?

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Hello, I am Lukas

I am a German boy from the town of Erftstadt, 26 years old and hungry for adventure. The past years I have been working hard in finance.  Now I am trading in my suit and tie for bib-shorts and sandals in order to travel 10.001km by bike and collect donations for Diabetics in Togo. 🇹🇬


I dream of cycling the world and this is where my journey starts. You have the chance to witness it, right here right now.

Don't get me wrong, I have been on a bicycle before. In fact, I love cycling so much, just last year I did a tour from Germany to France. Yet, that doesn't compare to the coming tour. In fact, the planned tour is absolutely ridiculous. Its long, with plenty elevation, hot, cold, dangerous and last but not least, exhausting to the maximum.


Not convinced yet? Think you can do it too? Take a look at the tour outline and think again. 



If you're still not impressed, please feel free to join in, I could actually use some company on the trip. Don't want to be all by myself for half a year 😭






Game Mode Hard:

"Okay, okay, okay, I get it Lukas, two wheels, two legs and a long journey. But whats more? Do you just want to brag or whats up boy?


I have Diabetes Type 1. If you dont know what that means, let me explain it quickly:

Imagine your own body kills a vital function of your body, your ability to produce insulin. All sugar and carbohydrates you eat will end up in your blood, not in your cells. You will slowly get over saturated by sugar until you eventually fall in a coma. To treat this disease, you are now on your own to administer yourself insulin every time before you eat and throughout the day. Fun fact: If you use too much insulin, you will fall unconscious. So better make sure you don't go too high or too low. 

Sounds shit?💩 Yes, it is shit.

To round it off, the insulin you use should not get too hot. Generally it is supposed to stay cold. Thats no good if youre planning to cycle through a desert like me.


Big Plans made Bigger

Sure, dealing with diabetes for me isn't the easiest feat but what about people in Togo? Help for these people is virtually non-existent, which is why I collect donations to save lives.

I raise donations together with the French association Sekovio Pierre Pepin. The money raised will either go towards buying bicycles for the village Seko in Togo or to literally help to save diabetics' lives in Togo. 

You can donate via PayPal, using the QR-code below. Include "Bicycle" in your donation or "Diabetes" to indicate, which cause you want the money to go towards. Without indication, the money will autmatically go towards helping diabetics in Togo. 


- Have I sparked your interested in this project now? 

- Do you want to see more?

Send me an Email, or message on Instagram with your E-Mail and I will send you a reminder when I write a new blogpost about my experiences along the way.



If you want to follow the exact route, follow me on Komoot, here you will be able to see every meter I ride.


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